Byron Bay Camping

Camping, a popular accommodation option when traveling, and particularly at The Arts Factory Lodge, set amongst the trees we have a small walk in campground. There is a communal kitchen area and girls and boys showers and toilets.

byron bay camping

Living in the campsite at The Arts Factory Lodge is an amazing experience. It's a great place to meet people and enjoy your time in Byron Bay.

At the campsite we have lots of different kinds of people - there are always creative people, making music, jewellry, and generally being arty, mostly with the aim to make a bit of money or just swapping things with each other.

With music being such a huge part of life at The Arts Factory Lodge there are many artists coming together to jam and create new bands. When they've created a new band they will often perform together in public the first time at our weekly Talent Show.

arts factory lodge byron bay campgrounds

Also living at the campground are our great yoga teacher and drumming teacher who both run regular workshops here for our guests.

If anyone wants to stay at the campsite but doesn't have their own tent then that's no problem either, you just go down to the jungle hut say that you're looking for a tent and more often than not there will be someone selling one. Some of the tents even look like small houses. These are mostly people who have been living in the campground for quite a while (months even).

These tents often have a sort of living room with a few bedrooms, a table made of stuff they found like a surfboard, wood, or something else - just name it and it will probably be there somewhere.

tropical jungle camping byron bay

In the evenings the campers will sit together in the jungle hut, chilling, drinking goon and making music. The campsite is a big part of why The Arts Factory Lodge is so special because of the people who stay there. Of course, if there isn't room at the campground when you first arrive then we do have lots of other accommodation options.

Check out our other accommodation options at The Arts Factory Lodge if you don't think our campsite is for you...

Please Note!

Camping sites are not able to be pre-booked as all camping is done on a “first in first served basis”; depending on availability.

THE CAMPSITE IS NOT AVAILABLE TO MINORS. All minors must be accompanied with a parent or guardian and stay in a private room in the hostel not in the campground.

Camping Byron Bay during Peak Season & Festivals

During peak seasons and festivals, the reservations manager will release a limited number of campsite spaces that are able to be booked in advance. Please call the reception team leader on 02 6685 7709 to confirm your camping Byron Bay spot at the Arts Factory Lodge camp ground. At all other times, you are not able to book the campground as it is done on a first in first served basis.


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