Byron Hive Recording Studio

Travelers - Keep your music alive!

There are not many backpacker hostels that can boast that they have a fully equipped recording studio in their backyard, but the Arts Factory Lodge in Byron Bay can.

byron hive byron bay recording studio

The Arts Factory is renowned as a haven to musicians from all over the world; they come to share the vibe and jam with like minded travellers, who are after a different experience than most “main stream” backpacker hostels. The Tuesday night Talent Show is a draw card that has been a staple of talented performers for many years.

Byron Hive has new operators and recent changes include procuring the assistance of Loz Vieux to get the groove happening. Some people may know Loz who has a long history at the Arts Factory and has returned many times over the years as a guest and been friends and worked with many of the musicians that have played here over the years.

Backpacker's may be interested to know there is a weekly “jam” on Wednesday's. For just $5 – yep, you read it right five bucks, you can attend the communal jam, and record your very own song.

byron hive recording room

Or maybe you are more in need of hiring some quiet space for yoga, meditation, story time, personal jamming... or a number of other idea's for a myriad of workshops in this fabulous space – for just $20 an hour!

Byron Hive Recording Studio has had a recent make over that not only provides a state of the art sound studio, with recording equipment and gear; but also a chill out lounge, shower & bathroom facilities, a small kitchen with a dining or meeting area, plus private outdoor space. The Arts Factory Lodge is very keen about our new relationship!

We think it is a marriage made in heaven – hostel & musicians, recording studio, and stay tuned, because the next step after jamming and recording is presenting yourself live on stage to an audience. We can provide that too at The Brewery.

Special deals are offered at the Arts Factory Lodge for accommodation and recording packages – contact us to ask how or book the studio by calling Loz on 0452 551 749... Or check out Byron Hive on facebook!

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